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Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Buy Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine from JX Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in China, for surface profiling, removing rust in pipeline industry.


Steel pipe shot blasting machine applicable to various sizes of the steel pipe surface cleaning, widely used in the petrochemical engineering, steel, district heating, drain and so on.
They can clean the oxides, rusts, eroded layer and other foreign matters on the surface of the steel , so that steel material will pappear its original luser, and this will be helpful to steel surface anti-erosion treatment.

Advantage of Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine:
1. Remove the scales and weld dregs
2. Make it show metal color
3. Increase its ratio surface and weld dregs
4. Increase its ratio surface area
5. Thus contribute to painting and coating
6. Enhance the corrosion resistance of the machine and metal section.
7. Enhance the steel's fatigue resistance, extend the service life.
8. Optimize the technology of the steel surface
9. Achieve the complete clean-up purpose.

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Personne à contacter : zhnag ken, 86 595 86588998
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Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

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